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Humbly investing in our future…

TrenStar is a provider of Returnable Packaging and SupplyChain Solutions to a variety of industries with key capabilities in the Automotive, Agriculture, Retail, HealthCare and General Manufacturing sectors.

TrenStar will soon be celebrating 30 successful years in business and we attribute our success to a dedicated and client centric TrenStar team, astute, robust, ethical and innovative business practice facilitated by mutually beneficial collaboration in various industry, with selected business partners in hubs and communities nationwide.

The recent unrest and events that unfolded primarily in KZN affected all in SA; individual and business alike, and nowhere is the impact worse felt than by those not able to fend for themselves and as a socially responsible Organisation we cannot turn the other way in the hour of need. Our call to action is in acknowledging the need, in providing and facilitating aid where and however possible.

The devastating impact of the riots and looting on the well- being of babies and children in KZN Baby and children’s home was brought to our attention via a team member and Charitable Organisation - Hauseofkendy.

Our race to aid this very worthy cause was without hesitation; the mere thought of 500 babies and children without basic food stuff and appliances as a result of looting was beyond comprehension.

TrenStar and Carrots and Crayons reached out and with the kind and generous assistance of Pick n Pay and Courier IT, assisted with fulfilling and providing the required product, essential food stuffs and appliances to secure full tummies for some time.

“There can be no keener revelation of a

society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” — ... Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

Upper Highway Baby Home Parent and TrenStar representative

A Message from Carrots and Crayons “Carrots and Crayons is a non-profit organisation that belief we can create and nurture a future for South Africa and broader society by enabling our most vulnerable citizens with the human right to…Hope! Hope is nurtured by creating an environment for our Youth where they can believe in their right to dream, believe in their ability to achieve their dreams, and have the means to achieve their dreams. Having the ability to execute dreams an environment is needed that provides nurturing, protection, education, and support on physical and emotional skills. Without that a sense of hopelessness, depression and destruction are created on every level of humanity. Carrots and Crayons aim to support environments where our youth are empowered to create a future”.

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