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Company Information

Founded in 1992, TrenStar is regarded as a leader in quality solutions for the management of Returnable Rental Packaging.

Our skills and dedication to client needs have allowed us to expand TrenStar’s unique products and services throughout the automotive-, manufacturing-, fast-moving consumer goods- (FMCG), mining-, pharmaceutical-, medical- and chemical industries. And this list is growing!

We have a dynamic IT division geared towards enabling the best combination of hardware and software ensuring that clients will always be utilising the latest technology. And talking about technology, TrenStar’s proprietary enterprise asset management system (TrenStarEAM) is an all-inclusive container management tracking system that supports unique- and non-unique number management as well as a that enables any returnable packaging pooling system through any supply chain combination. We are able to provide clients with vast detail on their supply chains as a result, including near real-time tracking and event information on the asset, container and inventory movements based on location tracking data.

Our Tagline

“Innovation through Collaboration”

has been adopted through our philosophy of creating innovative supply chain solutions by collaborating with our clients.

TrenStar History

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