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TrenStar Case Studies

Innovation through Collaboration

At TrenStar GmbH, our strategy, as a leading service provider, will be to proactively seek out the expressed and unexpressed optimized process efficiency needs of any industry, globally, providing solutions that offer visibility, collaboration, control, and efficiency. We will provide scalable, adaptable, cost-effective, fit-for-use solutions, that will always include a mix of returnable packaging, technology and service, ensuring the ability to optimise processes efficiency, track uniquely identifiable assets enabling traceability, reducing most manual intervention, decrease inventory levels, itemised invoicing and unique item stock takes that ensure better cost and risk management in the client business faster and more effectively.

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Applying Enabling Technology Systems

✦  Proprietary Developed Systems

✦  Application of RFID, Barcoding, GPS

     & Sensor Technology

✦  Research, Develop & Support

✦  Total Mobility

✦  Integration To Client Systems

Key Professional
& Logistical Services

✦ Professional Services, Strategy, 

    Analysis, Development,

    Implementation, Training, & Support

✦ Control Centre (Control Tower)

✦ Provide, Measure & Manage

✦ Exceptions, Alerts & Dashboards

✦ Onsite Services

Returnable Packaging Management & Pooling

✦ Manage & Pool

✦ Condition & Maintain

✦ Equipment Design & Manufacture

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 Agri Solutions

We digitize processes in the Agricultural industry like Spraying, Harvesting, Scouting & Packhouse processes. We create visibility in real-time, helping farmers, to optimize their operation.


Asset Management Solutions

Fixed Asset Management - So much more than just an asset register TrenStar's Fixed Asset Management (TrenStarFAM) System was designed to provide the means to effectively track and manage fixed assets over multiple locations through the use of state-of-the-art technology. 


Supply Chain Management

We design end-to-end solutions from the sourcing and supply of hardware and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to the design and implementation of demanding projects. 

Web_icon__Managing by Control Tower

Control Tower

Designed to support TrenStar's turnkey projects and offer a fast response to possible emergency situations, our 24/7/ 365 Command Centre is at the heart of everything we do. 


Internet of Things (IoT)

The question of using information from any form of the tag has been TrenStar’s obsession since it started identifying each container in its very large pool. Today, TrenStar uses RFID for:

  1. Data Collection & Processing

  2. Efficiency; and

  3. Asset Maintenance


Account Reconciliation

Our software connects to OEM and client’s portals and your ERP-system and matches asset movements automatically. This will reduce your effort for manual data matching significantly

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