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Digitisation of
bin movements
through a facility
with RFID

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A Digital Shift - from manual data capturing to automated data capturing.

TrenStar assisted one more client to digitise its processes to move returnable packaging through its facility by a unique number, error-free, without manual capturing.


The client is situated near Vienna as a service provider for the cleaning and management of reusable packaging. They operate a site for cleaning those reusable packaging for a global biopharmaceutical company and supply the client’s production facility with clean packaging. This process requires high transparency and complete traceability of the reusable packaging, each with a unique number.


The cleaning company used a manual process to capture each unique container number for incoming and outgoing goods. They wanted to offer their customer a better service with high transparency and visibility, then decided to introduce a returnable packaging management solution. The goal was to automate the data-capturing processes and deliver information to their customer in near real-time.


The cleaning company had to find a partner who could digitally map the entire reusable packaging process. TrenStar, a recognised service provider of pooling and reusable packaging management solutions, was identified as the best partner for the cleaning company. TrenStar provided a solution to make a digital shift in their processes from manual to automated data capturing, which improved their accuracy and productivity.

TrenStar has implemented a user-friendly, easy-to-use RFID environment that synchronises with the site’s flow, without the requirement of technical resources onsite. All returnable packaging is read through RFID- portals during receiving, after washing and on dispatch. Additionally, the provider works with easy-to-use handhelds to classify and transact damages as per process requirements.


The solution enables data to be available as the process gets performed in near real-time. It also allows for analyses of the turn rate and dwell times of the returnable packaging to understand the productivity and utilisation of the pool.

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